The Minimalist Guide to Organic Dog Treats

Dogs just like children want to get treats for good behavior once in a while; organic dog treats are the best treats. The sole reason for these organic treats is that they are more beneficial as compared to the rest of the foods.

For starters, we will define what organic dog treats are and then concentrate on other things like how to prepare them if they are home made

What are organic dog treats?

Organic dog treats are treats or foods that have been made by ingredients that are purely organic. This means the ingredients are from farm produce that do not use modern chemicals like chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic food production also means that no irradiation, chemical food additives, or industrial solvents are added into the foods.

In the U.S, organic farming is heavily regulated and those engaging in organic farming have to get certain special certifications to show that their products are indeed organic. That’s why you need to study a lot on organic food producers to know the ones that have been licensed by the government and the ones that are not.

Reading the ingredients on the package is also very important just in case your pet has certain allergies that might be triggered by some of these ingredients. The other day I read somewhere that some dogs are allergic to beef and I was shocked.

Some organic foods are not a 100 percent organic but it is good to know that 95% of these ingredients are organic. It is also good to know that some organic dog treats that have live stock as an ingredient have not been raised with growth hormones and neither do they get treated with antibiotics.

Why should you choose organic dog treats for your dog?

1. They reduce chances of chemical exposure to your dog’s system

With organic dog treats, there are slim or no chances of chemicals building in your dog’s body. Long-term effects of these chemicals that are used in pesticides and fertilizers cannot be known. Therefore, it is better to keep your pet on the safer side.

2. Reduction in allergen exposure

Many dogs suffer from allergen exposure and that’s why organic dog treats come in handy. Organic dog treats leave out the common allergens like chicken wheat and corn which have been known to cause various sensitivities in dogs.

3. Organic dog treats have reduced calorie content

Organic food companies that produce organic foods for dogs have considered the impact of the product to the well-being of the dog. They look into the calorie content of the final product and that’s why they include ingredients like vegetables and fruits to reduce the calorie content.

Just like babies, too much calories might make the dog overweight or even obese. Organic food treats for dogs tend to have low grain content as well as low additives thus reducing the overall calorie countMaking homemade

Making homemade organic dog treats

homemade organic dog treatsMake sure the ingredients have been labeled as organic food and they have the required certifications. You also need to read carefully to point out ingredients that your dog might be allergic to.

Once the dog treats are prepared it is important to store the leftovers in a safe place to make sure they are not contaminated.

Seal the left-over treats nicely in airtight bags and containers and freeze the ones that need to be frozen.

As for the ones that need to be put in a dry place, make sure there’s no trapped air in the package because trapped air and exposure to heat speeds up the decomposition of the food.


In conclusion, organic dog treats are healthy for your dog because they have low-calorie content. They reduce the chances of any chemical buildup in the dog’s system thus reducing the number of times you need to visit the vet.

Therefore, treat your dog to these treats once in a while because they are a healthy option as compared to other treats.

William Sagide

Growing up with dogs on our farm is one of the best experiences I ever had. I now dream of one day returning to that life and running in the fields with my dog Chester.

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