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The best information and tips about dog food products. Its not just about dog food but the best organic food for your dogs health.

Can Dogs Eat Grapes? Sweet But Deadly Fruits

Grapes and raisins are toxic fruits to pets such as dogs. Research shows that grapes are poisonous fruits that could result in kidney failure when ingested by dogs. Renal failure may turn out to be catastrophic to the dog. Even a small quantity of grapes is not safe for dogs. Kidney failure is often accompanied […]

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Can Dogs Eat Peanuts? Safe and Unsafe Nuts

We humans tend to share the little things that add a sparkle to our lives, especially foods. With information and technology at our disposal, it is good to inquire if some of the foods we eat are safe for our dogs. These foods can easily be classified as dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. Some of […]

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Best Dog Food for Boxers

Boxers are medium sized dogs whose faces are compact with pointed ears and docked tails. One thing’s that these dogs are known for is that they are very active, playful and quite athletic. A healthy boxer requires a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day. This means that the best food for boxers has […]

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Can Dogs Eat Fruits

Can dogs eat fruits? Yes and no. Some fruits are good for dogs while others are not. Some fruits are toxic to a dog so it is important to know the ones that your dog should not be eating so that you can avoid them altogether. Carnivores, with dogs being one of them do not […]

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Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review

Features RatingMeat Content Grain Content Overall Ingredients Price Blue Buffalo dog food was developed by Jackie Bishop and Bill after their beloved dog started having complications. They named it after their dog Blue. Blue Buffalo dog food is a natural meal that helps control and regulates a healthy oxidation balance in the dog’s body. It […]

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