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Can Dogs Eat Eggs

Is it OK to give my dogs raw eggs? Some would say yes some no while citing that dogs may suffer from salmonella poisoning. On the other hand, eggs are a great source of proteins, Vitamin A, fatty acids, Iron, Selenium, Folate, and Riboflavin. Dogs have the ability to handle bacteria present in raw food […]

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Can Dogs Eat Chocolate

Dogs eat almost anything edible they come across including chocolates. But are they good for your dog? With their excellent sense of smell, it will be difficult to hide chocolate bars in the house. So what will you do? Will you think of better hiding spots? Will you stop buying chocolate? Well, that will depend […]

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Can Dogs Eat Grapes? Sweet But Deadly Fruits

Grapes and raisins are toxic fruits to pets such as dogs. Research shows that grapes are poisonous fruits that could result in kidney failure when ingested by dogs. Renal failure may turn out to be catastrophic to the dog. Even a small quantity of grapes is not safe for dogs. Kidney failure is often accompanied […]

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