6 Best Dog Crates Reviews, Comparison & Guide 2017

Do you have a dog that has been biting and pulling your couch, you need a dog crate. Training your dog home can be difficult. The crate is meant to confine your dog while in the sitting room or another area where its movement is restricted. You can use the best dog crate for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Don’t spend more, just buy what is right. Dogs too have feelings. When they are tired or nervous, they want to rest in a den.

At a Glance: Our Choices for Best Dog Crates

Top 6 Best Dog Crates for your Dog in 2017

Listed below are the best crates you will ever need for your canine.

1. Midwest iCrate Doube Door Crate with Divider for Pets

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This crate includes a home training system. It has a safe and secure slide bolt latches with rounded corners. Icrate double door has a durable satin-black electro-coat finish and a removable, washable plastic pan for cleanup.

If you are worried about your movement, this is the ideal crate. It is easy to set up without the use of tools and folds back to a suitcase style for easy portability. The rollers prevent it from damaging your floor.

The dividers will help you out as your puppy grows. You can adjust them according to the growth of your dog ensuring the space is adequate. This dog crate is roomy enough for your dog. You will never go shopping for another cage. This crate is enough even for an adult dog.

What We Liked

  • Easy assembling and portability that allows you to go out with it and have your dog safe.
  • It has a front and side door for easy access.
  • A leak-proof easy clean up plastic pan in the event of the mess or general cleaning
  • The locks are tight and secure. It cannot break loose

What We Didnt Like

  • The connectors are fixed along the outside edges


This crate serves as a one-time shopping. When I went out shopping, I got this crate, and it impressed me. I have had it for three years hoping for more service. It has the provision of enlargement from a puppy to an adult dog which is a significant advantage.

You will, however, need to get the right size for your pooch if you buy it for an adult dog. Take the proper and correct measurement of your dog from the head to the floor and across the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. When it’s still a puppy, the divider panels will solve the problem of the animal either eliminating on one side or sleeping on the other side.

2. MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

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Midwest products are known for their stability. The heavy and sturdy crate is a safe place for your dog in your absence. The two slide-bolt latches securely lock your dog in place. It’s manufactured using a higher gauge of steel with tighter wire mesh. Your floor is protected by rubber feet fixed on this metal dog crate.

The crates come in two different forms. One is single door while the other is double doors. However, the two have dividers panels and a leak-proof easy to clean plastic pan. This easy to assemble crate can be folded back to a brief case form for easy portability. The plastic handles makes it easier for you to carry the crate.

What We Liked

  • Stronger steel and tighter wire mesh that makes the crate sturdier
  • Easy to clean leak-proof plastic pan in the event of a mess or general clean up
  • Assembling without tools is easy. Portability is made accessible by collapsing it
  • Has divider panels that are adjustable according to your dog’s growth

What We Didnt Like

  • Rough spots on the edges that need smoothening not to hurt the dog
  • The clips not tight enough and may clip off letting your dog loose


I have never owned a dog’s crate that has served me better than this Midwest folding metal dog crate. The durability and enlargement advantage acts as the home of your canine for the longest time possible. When you go shopping for this special crate, get the proper height of your dog while seated and standing.

It is advisable to check for all rough spots not to hurt the dog and ensure the clips are tight for its safety. I will not hesitate to recommend the crate to any buyer looking for a home trainer crate.

3. Petnation Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home, 36-Inch

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Take your pet with you using this Petnation Indoor/Outdoor crate. It is designed for lightweight pets. |It is durable, washable, and easy to assemble and fold up without the use of any tool.

The new firmed steel is covered with a material to give your canine comfort. The meshed material is well ventilated to keep your dog comfortable during outdoor visits.

This crate has two doors. One door at the top while the other one is at the front and they can be rolled up and fastened using provided straps. Both have zippers and locks to keep your pet safe. Petnation measures 36 x 25 x 25 for dogs of up to 70 pounds.

What We Liked

  • The cover is easy to clean and dry. You can put it together with other laundry or wipe it off dirt.
  • Easy assembling and portability. Will also fit in your car with ease
  • Well ventilated mesh and secure from harsh hot conditions

What We Didnt Like

  • It is ideal for lightweight dogs
  • The material is not resistant to scratches.
  • Not perfect for rough dogs. It will rip off due to the scratches or play


The crate is homely and attractive. It is ideal for all types of weather. However, the material is not resistant to scratches. Your dog’s paws can rip the mesh material. It is perfect for smaller and less active animals. If you want to purchase this product it is important you get the correct size of your dog. Ensure the space is enough for your dog to lay, stand or turn. It should fit in your car when you want to carry your dog around inside the crate.

4. EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

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Give your pet the freedom of enjoying the sunlight while caged. This EliteField 3 door crate is just perfect for your pet. The doors are at the front, side, and top will give proper dog ventilation and sun basking.

The crate is made of sturdy steel tube with a highly durable fabric and hex mesh fabric too. It is beautiful for your little lightweight pet. It is available in several colors. You can spoil the little pup with the best color.

The comfort of your dog is well in place. This portable crate includes a fleece bed and a free carrying bag.

Portability is well enhanced through a handle, carrying straps on the crate and adjustable padded shoulder straps in the carrying bag with some hand straps too. The guarantee of two years is a surety you are buying the right product.

What We Liked

  • Improved portability and storage. The bag is easier to carry and store.
  • Proper Ventilation. It gives the animal adequate air and exposure to natural weather
  • A free fleece bed is included to improve the dog's comfort
  • There are two additional accessory pockets on the crate
  • Easy to clean material
  • A free carrying bag for easy movement

What We Didnt Like

  • It is only ideal for lightweight dogs.
  • The non-scratch resistant material can tear off.


It is advisable to consider where you will place the crate and the size of your dog too. Take real and accurate measurements before purchasing this product. If you want to crate train your dog, this may not be the best option of a crate.

Go for a pure steel crate. I almost hurt my puppy when I used it for crate training. However, for the fully trained dog, this is his best home. The crate is ideal for rest at home or when on holiday.

5. OxGord 42″ XXL Dog Crate

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This multiple door crate will give you the desired results. OxGord 42” is meant for a big dog. The heavy duty solid metal steel gives maximum safety to your pet. It is 100% washable therefore no worries of an untidy crate.

Space is not an issue because the design is convenient and you can fold it back if not in use without the stress of assembling without the use of any tool.

The doors lock fast with a slide-bolt latch. This black Electro-Coat crate is resistant to rust and corrosion. It doesn’t fade even in the extreme climates. The dividers will allow you to adjust the living area of your dog as it grows.

This crate will help you tame that jumpy puppy to a disciplined adult dog. The bottom is protected with rubber not to damage your floor.

What We Liked

  • Right size and spacious to accommodate medium and large dogs.
  • Two door options you can observe the dog from any corner.
  • It is easy to assemble, no tools are required.
  • Convenient in space saving.
  • It has an easy to clean bottom panel.

What We Didnt Like

  • The crate is not sturdy enough. If pushed hard it will bend.
  • The latches on the door are slightly difficult to lock.
  • The edges not well smoothened. They can hurt the pet


If you want a large crate, the OxGord 42” will work correctly for you. No big space is required, and it’s easy to move around. Nevertheless, you will need to check the latches lock well, and the edges are smooth.

If you find it noisy, place a rubber mat at the base it will reduce the noise. That is how I reduced the rumbling noise I couldn’t stand.

6. Petmate Sky Kennel for Pets 

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Petmate Kennels is one of the most secure crates. It has 360 degrees four-way ventilation, and the latches are tight and secure. The heavy duty plastic crate is considered best for air travel. The wire ventilation’s and plastic wing nuts are noncorrosive and can withstand harsh climate.

Why choose this crate? You can use it on an airline without trouble. It has a name identification sticker, Live Animal sticker, an absorbent pad and water cups. With all these details provided, you are safe for travel.

Always inform your airline ahead of travel that you have your pup with you to learn more about their requirements.

What We Liked

  • The Kennel is eco-friendly
  • You can travel without the worry of leaving the pet behind.
  • It's secure and well ventilated for your pet to arrive safely at your destination.
  • In the event of two similar dog crates, the name identification quickly helps pick your pet.
  • An absorbent mat- no mess.

What We Didnt Like

  • The crate is suitable for dogs of 50 to 70 pounds


Traveling cannot be easy if you are unsure of the safety of your dog either on air or back at home. The crate is made to comfortably house your dog. Therefore, it will not be uncomfortable until you arrive at your destination.

Always ensure you have the right size of the kennel. Take proper measurements leaving enough space for the dog to stand, lie or turn around. Remember the hours may be long, and he needs to be comfortable.

Types of Dog Crates Available Today

1. Soft Sided Dog Crates

large soft sided dog crate

Soft dog crate is perfect for dogs that aren’t overly aggressive, jumpy, or hyperactive. It is a good crate for those dogs who prefer to chill in a dark crate with no distractions. If you have an overly energetic or a scared pet, then a soft sided crate will help reduce the risk of potential injury.

This crate is perfect for your dog’s comfort. The beige color looks good too. However, ensure your dog is fully crate trained so that he doesn’t tear his crate.


  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It is very easily stored
  • It has very cool designs, colors, and styles if you are looking at aesthetics
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Hard to wash out dog’s poop/urine if your dog had an accident.
  • No matter how strong the material is, if you have a dog determined to get out of the crate, it will tear.

2. Escape Proof Dog Crate

Best quality dog crates

An escape proof dog crate is perfect if you are always worried for your dog’s safety. If your dog has learnt how to unlock the latch on his crate, the escape proof crate is what you need. Your dog’s safety comes first.

This crate also helps crate-train dogs who keep on breaking free from their crates. However, depending on the quality, some dogs might overcome the build and eventually break free.


  • Keeps your pet safe, no risk of your pet breaking out of his crate
  • Highly portable and airline approved. You can travel with your pet
  • Easy to clean


  • As it is escape proof, if you leave your pet for long, it may start feeling neglected and hate crates.

 3. Heavy-duty Dog Crates/Indestructible Dog Crates

Top dog crate

This crate has a sturdy build that is meant to safely and securely contain your dog. It has a chew proof design. It can hold any pet and for most sizes of dogs. This crate will help prevent damage to your home and your dog as well.

A heavy duty dog crate is perfect for big dogs. Point to note, always go for a good quality one for it to last longer. Make sure you have your dog’s size before purchasing one.


  • Strong build that will safely and securely contain your dog
  • Made of metal so it easy to clean


  • On a hot day, it can get too hot inside since it is made of metal

4. Plastic Dog Crate

This crate is perfect for owners who need a lightweight crate and those who love traveling with their dogs. Plastic dog crates are approved by most airlines since most airlines require solid plastic crates.

Good for dogs who are heavy chewers. A great crate when you are starting to crate train. Perfect if you have a little dog or a dog that has little hair since it provides insulation.

However, if you have a big dog or a very hairy dog, this might not be the best option during hot weather as it tends to retain a lot of heat.


  • It’s affordable, durable, portable and hygienic
  • Gives a dog more privacy since it has les openings
  • Provides better insulation especially during cold weather
  • Available in different colors


  • Due to few openings, it provides less ventilation and air movement
  • Can trap odors if your dog happens to have an accident
  • May increase a dog’s feeling of isolation

5. Fashion Dog Crates

Dog crate reviews

This crate is designed for those who are looking to have a cozy spot for their dog without having to compromise on their style. A fashion dog crate adds a functionality value to your home as well.

You can place your fashion dog crate by the window and no one can easily tell that that’s a dog crate. Point to note, ensure your dog is fully crate trained before getting him a fashion crate.


  • Can be used as furniture, so you won’t need extra space for your crate
  • Blends in nicely with the home décor
  • Adds a functionality value to your home


  • Not designed for highly destructive dogs

6. Wood Dog Crates

Best dog kennel

This crate is good for those who are looking for a dog crate that does not conspicuously look like a dog crate. Also good for those who prefer sitting with their dogs in the living room. Multiple functionality and I love it.

If you have a dog that does not like a crate and love to chew, a wood dog crate would not be the best option.


  • Easily blends in with the home furniture
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Can be used as a functional, useful surface


  • Not good for dogs who like to chew

Important Things To Remember When Buying A Crate for Your Dog

When shopping for a dog crate, there are several points to consider. Your dog should be safe and comfortable every time.

1. Right Size

Get the correct size of your dog by measuring him from the top of his head to the floor also from the tip of the nose up to the base of the tail. The height and width of the crate should be 1-2 inches taller than the pet. The allowance gives the dog enough space to turn around, sit, stand or lay down.

2. Material

The right material is a factor to consider. The weight and height of the dog are the determining factors. Never go for the appearance every time. It can be deceiving. Heavyweight dogs need a heavy gauge steel crate to accommodate their weight. 

For the small animals, you can choose the lightweight dog crate. Some canvas material may not withstand abuse. These little ones can break the mesh too. Durability should be the deal for your money. Buy quality and avoid disappointment.

3. Safety

If a crate doesn’t lock safely or your dog can break out of the box don’t buy it. How sturdy is the crate? Are the edges smooth? Is the floor comfortable for your dog? These are the questions you should ask from your store before purchase.

The balance of the crate should be firm and be able to withstand abuse. Rough edges and uncomfortable floors will hurt the dog. The pans should be changeable or easy to clean. Always keep your pet safe and clean.

Final Thoughts

A dog is man’s best friend. The care and protection you give your pet should be quality and timely. Your dog’s crate should be pleasant and if adjustable make it the right size. There are many dog crates in the market, and the best dog crate depends on the size and weight of your dog. Most of the crates are easy to assemble and collapse for ease of movement.

When you crate train, you need to do it gradually. Try to call the dog over to the crate with a treat and an instruction command. When the dog goes inside the crate give it another treat. You can let it out but make it routine until the dog is used to the crate. Many people have welcomed this new idea of training dogs.

It may be difficult at the beginning, but the results are excellent when your dog adapts. You should not feel guilty for putting your dog in a crate. Dogs are den animals, and crates are the best house training tools.

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