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Where dogs are loved and treated like royalty. If you love your dog and want the best for him/her, then you are at the right place. We are so happy to have you here, and we hope you enjoy your time here. In this site, we talk about our dogs, how we care for them and the tricks we use to train them.

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Dog Food and Nutrition

Good dog foodA nutritious, balanced diet is vital to keeping your dog healthy. Your pet should get all the nutrients he/she needs from high-quality commercial food. You should always consider any special needs, illness related deficiencies or any instructions given by your vet. Dogs of different ages also have different nutritional requirements. Here, we talk about all the ways we ensure that we give our dog nutritious foods and dog food nutrition guide to help you.


Dog Training

Dog obedienceEveryone loves a well-trained dog and one that can quickly take in basic instructions like sit, come, roll over, fetch, stop barking etc. Dog training is essential as it helps you as the owner build a positive relationship with your dog as it strengthens your bond. We talk about the tips and tricks we use to train our dogs, both puppies, and fully grown dogs that some people feel are hard to be trained. The best dog crates we use when crate training and how to ensure your dog doesn’t go over the fence

Dog Health

Dog health answersJust as human beings, dog health is an equally important factor to consider. As a parent to your dog, you want to ensure that your dog’s life is long, happy, and healthy as possible. We talk about how to keep our dogs healthy, how to check for your dog’s health, product reviews, and when you should be concerned or worried about your dog’s health.



Dog Grooming

Groom your dog at homeGrooming is one of your dog’s basic needs and an important part of dog ownership. Dogs also need to look their best. While dogs do not take baths daily, we tell you how often you need to groom your dog. How often you should get rid of dog fleas, brush your dog, trim your dog’s nails, your dog’s ear care, haircuts, dental care and vacuuming all that pet hair after grooming. A good looking dog is a happy dog.

Dog Breeds

Dog breeds a-z listWe know that there are hundreds of dog breeds and this confuses us when we want to choose the type of dog breed we want to take home with us. In this site, we talk about the different dog breeds and the factors to consider when selecting a dog breed to take home with you. Different dog breeds have different qualities. Let us help you decide on the type of dog breed to take home with you.


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