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The Palace Dog Top 22 Dog Blogs to Follow

At The Palace Dog, we sometimes know it can be quite tiring when you are browsing to get information about dogs with no luck. That’s why we have made your work easier by listing some of our favorite go to blogs.

Below are some of the dog blogs that we’ve highlighted for you.

Please Note: The blogs we have listed here are arranged in no particular order.  We like all of them.

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Paw Curious


Pawcurious is a veterinarian’s blog ran by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang in San Diego. She shares her experiences when working as a veterinary and when she’s at home being a mummy and a wife. She shares her love for animals and she’s an informative voice when it comes to the pets’ world. She has immense experience in emergency and general practice.

In her blog, she shares how to juggle kids parenting and being pet parents since some parents find it hectic. She has shared some realistic goals as well as solutions in keeping the family (children and pets) happy and safe.

Celebrity Dachshund

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The Celebrity Dachshund is a blog about a dog whose name is Crusoe. As the name suggests, the dog is considered a celebrity in Canada. Crusoe’s pet parents are Ryan and Lauren, and they also act as his managers and promoters. Crusoe has a twin called Oakley, and his parents take him to visit Oakley once in a while.

This blog is all about what Crusoe has accomplished in his day to day life. The blog also talks about other things like upcoming things that have to do with dogs. One can also get books about dogs on the website. If you want to learn more about Crusoe, just open the link and immerse yourself in this dog’s awesomeness.

Dog Tipper

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DogTipper is a blog that’s linked to an online store This blog features products for pet lovers from all over the world. The blog is run by a couple; John Bigley and Paris Permenter who have also authored 33 books about pets and travel. The couple and their dogs live in Texas Hill Country, near Austin. They love to travel with their dogs which mean their blog also covers travel. 

The blog has all the information you need about dogs, traveling with dogs, and dog food recipes. Dog Tipper also features dogs that are eligible for adoption on a weekly basis; therefore, if you are looking for a dog to adopt, this is where to get the needed information.

My Brown Newfies

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Mybrownnewfies is a blog by Jennifer Costello who lives in Strongsville in Ohio. Jen, as she would love her friends to call her, is a dog mom to two dogs; Sherman and Leroy. She has been a veterinary technician for the last eight years which means she has useful information on dogs.

Mybrownnefies doubles up as a pet and a lifestyle blog. Other than talking about pet health, dogs, and pet products, it also talks about family and other things that happen to Jen and her dogs. If you want an ‘all under one roof’ kind of blog, this is right for you.

And A Small Dog

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And a Small Dog is a blog dedicated to providing travel advice to dog parents. The blog is run by Leila Coe who is a travel agent specializing in dogs. Leila lives with her husband and their dog Jack Russel-mix Bodie in Kissimmee, Florida. Bodie who has traveled to over 12 countries was adopted from Amsterdam.

If you are planning to travel with your dog and you have no clue how to go about it, Leila is just the person to contact. If you need to know about dog-friendly travel destinations, this is the blog to visit. And a Small Dog has all your travel answers, ranging from pet travel destinations and pet-friendly hotels.

The Vagabond Adventures

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The Vagabond Adventures is a blog that narrates the life on the road of Lucie, Lachlan and their dog Bow Wow across the world on a 4x4. They are currently on an expedition across Africa. The blog features some of the wonderful experiences they have encountered on their journey.

The blog is also dedicated to enlightening the world on the traditional practices of different communities in Africa. They help market art and craft from these communities to the rest of the world. The blog enlightens people on how to help change lives in Africa. They are currently in Britain for a summer fest but will be back to continue their adventure from Cape Town through Kenya to India.

The Ramble

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The Ramble is a blog dedicated to educating people on the best places to visit in each country. The blog features very elaborate and easy to follow guides. These guides offer information on where to visit, what to consume and lastly how to fit in different places.

The blog highlights the beauty of each place they visit and the kind of food they ate. You can easily access a guide for any country you are interested in. 

All Things Dog Blog

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All Things Dog Blog is dedicated to providing tips on day to day activities that do with our dogs. The blog provides information like safety tips when driving with your dog, tips for tent camping with your dog, ramping up to ease entry for Fido, tips on how a dog should do the Blue Ridge and when a dog is ready for summer travels.

Most of these tips are written by Carrie Boyko, CEB @ and sometimes features guest writers such as Kelly Denz of Critter Minute. It is a nice blog with very educative tips that could help in your day to day activities with your dog.

Cute Overload

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Cute Overload is a blog that boast of over ten years of cute posts about all sorts of pets ranging from cats, dogs, bunnies and the like. It also boasts of countless awards which include five Webbys, hilarious captioning from Mike, Prongs, Brinkle, Theo, Sparkster, Chief Sister Officer and Lisadorable.

This blog, however, is being shut down due to competition and the downsizing since it highly relies on advertising. It is a blog that will be greatly remembered for its hilarious content that brought joy to all that read it. It is not clear whether they will be back.

Fidose of Reality

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Fidose of Reality is a blog by Carol Bryant that mostly features issues concerning health, wellness, and modern pet parenting. Carol Bryant is an avid dog lover and has contributed immensely to various pet publications. The blog has helped raise over $50,000 for homeless Cocker Spaniels and other dogs. The money will assist in providing medical care and other basic needs until they are safely located to foster homes.

It is dedicated to nurturing well-informed dog parents. All its posts are based on reality and are sourced from travels around the country with veterinarians, pet industry experts, and pet product experts. Together as a team, they are committed to making Fidose of Reality the ultimate online destination for issues concerning health and dog wellness.

Champion of My Heart

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Champion of My Heart is a blog that was launched in April 2007 to feature real-time canine memoirs. The blog is written by Roxanne Hawn, a professional freelance writer, and award-winning blogger. Most of the stories began as real life stories of Lilly Elizabeth, a border collie. Lilly later succumbed to a vaccine-induced brain inflammation in 2013.

Roxanne recovered from her loss and acquired two female dogs. Her blogs now features the life stories of these two canine heroines. Champion of My Heart details the chronicles of the adventures with her canine buddies.

Heart Like a Dog

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Heart like a dog is a blog run by Jodi who together with her husband own two pups Sampson and Delilah. She started this blog to improve her skills. On the blog she has talked about her two furry friends and what led her to adopt them.There’s also a community page where pet lovers share their experiences with their puppies.

This page also covers illnesses and other health issues that pet lovers experience with their dogs. The blog also has a Lost and Found section where lost dogs are announced as well as found dogs.

Irresistible Pets

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Irresistible pets is a blog run by Aimee, and it teaches all pet parents on how to live irresistible lives with their pets. This blog has DIY tips that help people to live with their small furry friends. The blog is mostly about Chihuahuas, its food, lifestyle and its health. 

The blog also discusses in detail about puppies’ diet, treats, doggy vacations and tips for all Chihuahua parents. If you are looking to enjoy cute pictures of Chihuahuas, this is the blog to visit. 

Keep the Tail Wagging

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Keep the Tail Wagging is a blog by Kimberly Gauthier that details her raw feeding journey with her dogs. She narrates and details the benefits of raw feeding which she practices with her dogs. 

She shares her stories so that they can help others as they embark on their raw feeding journey. If you are a pet parent looking to put your pup on raw foods, this is the blog to visit.

Animal Bliss

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Animal Bliss is a blog by Jeanne Melanson an avid lover of animals. She keeps a wide variety of pets in her home ranging from the common pets to animals like Raccoons.

Her blog does not focus on any particular animal or pet but rather she tends to concentrate on enlightening her readers on caring for different animals. She writes articles on amphibians, mammals, primates, reptiles, sloths, birds and much more. Her posts are very educative with cool stories about animals.

Slim Doggy

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Slim doggy is a blog founded by Steve was in the software business for over 20 years. Steve is a dog lover and a fitness buff which means when he goes out for his morning runs; his dogs tag along. Steve and other team members who run the blog have participated in many charitable organizations that help in pet obesity problems.

As the name suggest, this blog is all about reducing obesity problems in pets. Therefore, it discusses dog foods that do not lead to obesity, dog fitness as well as fun for these furry friends.If you are looking for ways to keep your dog healthy in terms of weight, this is the best blog to be reading. There’s alot of information about dog food portions, calorie tracking, and much more.

Pretty Fluffy

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Pretty Fluffy is a blog by Serena Faber Nelson which she created in 2010 to provide information about stylish dog products, modern advice, and also inspiration for healthy living with pets. She works with only the best to provide inspiration content to her readers all over the world.

Pretty Fluffy features unique, style-centric, and up-to-date content, thus creating original articles that are designed to make life with your canine friend easy and sweet. If you are looking for inspiration stories, visit her blog and get her daily dose of new features and inspiring articles.

Pawsitively Pets

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Pawsitively Pets is a blog run by Ann Staub, a 31-year-old stay at home mom with small children and pets. She lives in central Texas and has been a Veterinary Technician for five years.

She quit her job to work as a professional pet blogger as well as being a mom. Information on this blog ranges from dogs to birds to exotic pets, and reptiles. However, the majority of the content is about cats and dogs.

That Mutt

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That Mutt was launched in 2008 by a trained journalist, Lindsay Stordahl. That Mutt is a site for dog lovers open to new training ideas and those willing to learn from others. This blog provides information on rescue groups, breeders, and natural products.

Her goal is to create a site where dog lovers can interact and learn from the experiences of others. The site creates the right atmosphere for that interaction. Visit the site and learn a few different things that you probably hadn’t tried.

2 Brown Dawgs

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2 Brown Dawgs Blog is a blog about three Chesapeake Bay retrievers. The blog details the escapades of the three retrievers with the pictures on the blog putting it out there clearly. There is a lot to learn from the blog regarding the best products for dogs.

Golden Woofs

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Golden Woofs is a blog detailing the life of a senior Golden Retriever named Sugar. This blog is run by Rosalyn, Sugar’s pet parent. The blog is primarily about dogs, but once in a while, cats are also featured. 

Golden Woofs offers information to do with dog’s health, pet travel, pet foods, and recipes.There’s so much to learn about pet foods and pet health.

The Dog Files

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The Dog Files is a blog run by Ken Bell who is a filmmaker. The blog talks about how dogs are a part of our lives. Kenn and Max (his dog) have traveled far and wide to document how much dogs are actively involved in people’s lives. His escapades range from ice cream social halls to rescue groups to military working with dogs. Dog Files was created to create awareness on how dogs need to be treated with care, love, and respect.

The blog also has a section for people who would like to put up their dogs for adoption for one reason or the other. Therefore, if you are looking for a dog to adopt, check out this site to get one. The blog also shares videos of dogs with disabilities/special needs dogs as well as funny doggy videos. 


There are so many dog blogs and pet products out there, with so little time to look at them all. It’s our hope that the list we have given you provides you with new blogs and valuable information.

What’s the one thing that keeps you returning to your favorite blog?

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