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Natural Balance Dog Food Review

Natural balance dog food was founded by Dick Van Patten in 1989. Van is an actor cum animal welfare advocator whose goal was to see dog owners feed their dogs on whole foods that are of good quality. Today, Natural Balance is being marketed as a natural healthy brand that goes with the slogan ‘‘truly […]

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Orijen Dog Food Review

Orijen dog food can be said to be one of the best dog foods on the market. It has been certified as biologically appropriate for all dogs since all of its ingredients come from fresh foods that are also suitable for humans. These ingredients come from Western Canada meaning they are still fresh and there […]

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Why Vegan Dog Food Is Not Good For Dogs

As more and more people are switching to meat-free food, pet owners are also changing their dog’s diet into vegan dog food. However, before you take that leap of including your dog to your vegan diet, you need to take a lot of time studying the advantages and disadvantages. Before you make that switch, it […]

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