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Pet Hair Vacuum Maintenance

Even the best pet vacuum requires maintenance. By following this outline, you can keep your dog vacuum running smoothly and  your house clean and hair-free.

1. Change your filters often

Most people don’t have any clue that those fancy filters that come in your vacuum don’t last forever. They get clogged. That’s their job! As they trap the pollutants you would otherwise be breathing, they are getting clogged slowly. Once they are totally clogged you’ll lose a massive amount of your suction giving the illusion your vacuum is garbage. NOT TRUE! Simply read your owner’s manual and figure out how to change the filter. This often costs less than $15 and will make your vacuum run like new again!

2. Change your bag / empty the dirt cup frequently

Bags get full! After 2/3 full most vacuums lose as much as 70% of their suction. Keeping a fresh bag might cost slightly more, but what’s your time and effort worth? Most bags are $2-3 at most and can make your lift a whole lot easier.

3. Clean your pet vacuum

Might seem crazy, but even a cleaning tool needs to be cleaned from time to time. Buying a good vacuum will make this task easy as they are designed to be cleaned with little effort. Cheap junk vacuums aren’t and will make this task annoying if not impossible. Take the time to clean the brush bar (under the vacuum that rotates), the filters, the bag etc. A clean vacuum works amazing!


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