Best Dog Clippers Comparison 2017- Home & Professional Clippers

Human hair is different from that of your dog. That’s why dog’s clippers cannot be substituted with shavers used for human hair. Many dog owners and professional dog groomers will have the best dog clippers for grooming their dogs.

When it’s too hot, for example, during summer, your dog might be uncomfortable as a result of thick fur. A set of the best dog clippers will allow you to trim your dog’s fur thus reducing his discomfort. All dogs should look good. Other than looking good, they should also feel comfortable at all times.

Best Dog Clippers Comparison

Choosing The Best Dog Clippers

One of the main things that you should look at when buying dog clippers is the rotary speed per minute. Rotary speed per minute allows you to smoothly penetrate the coarse coats and the difficult knots. Most professional dog clippers are categorized into these two categories;

  • Single-speed dog clippers: this category happens to be the best for novice users. These dog clippers do not heat up as fast as the variable-speed clippers.
  • Variable-speed dog clippers: this is for advanced pet owners. They give a perfect looking finish to your dog’s fur.

Features to Look for When Buying a Dog Clipper

There are other several features that you should look into before you settle on a new dog clipper. These are:

1. Weight and size

The size and the weight of the clipper makes a huge difference when you are out shopping for one. The best dog clippers are those that are light and compact. This is because they make maneuvering around your dog’s fur a walk in the park.

If you own more than one dog, then you need to have a clipper that will make your work easier. Most clippers have an ergonomic design such that your hand will enjoy holding the clipper for longer periods.

2.  Corded Clippers versus Cordless Dog Clippers

Most people will choose the cordless dog clipper because of the convenience that comes with it. Cordless clippers are easier to work with especially on those areas that are hard to reach. It is good to know that you’ll need to keep on replacing the batteries since they tend to run out within an hour.

When used intensively, you’ll end up wearing out the battery. This will make your clipper useless after a few months of use. Cordless clippers tend to be slower which means you’ll take more time on one dog if you have two dogs. When using cordless clippers, your dog’s fur has to be soft for you to give him a good shave.

3.  The Blades

The blades of most clippers have improved over the last few years. This is due to newer metal alloys as well as laser technologies. These two things however, bring up the issue of compatibility of the blades on the clippers. In some brands, you can use interchangeable blades that are readily available. This brings the prices of the clippers down.

Other dog clippers have specifically designed blades that are only available from the manufacturer thus making even the best dog clippers quite unaffordable. Depending on how frequent you use your clippers, you might need to keep on replacing the blades often to give your furry friend a perfect cut.

4.  Using Recommended Oils

Even if you have the best dog clipper and you don’t keep it well maintained, there is a chance the teeth will become duller.  The blade will miss hairs, give your dog an uneven cut and in extreme cases, you might even cut your dog’s skin.

That’s why, before you buy that clipper, make sure you check the recommended oil for your dog clippers.

5.  Combs

Combs come in handy because they provide an even trim on your dog’s body. Snap-on combs come in various materials and sizes. All combs are good but what matters is the size of the hair you are trimming.

Some sets of combs come in 5 to 10 combs but sometimes you’ll only find that you use just a few of them. It is important to make sure that the width of your blade should fit on the clipper’s head for that perfect and secure snap.

Best Dog Clippers Reviews & Guide

In order to help you find the right dog clippers, we reviewed six of the best dog clippers available on Amazon. Sure, there are many other dog clippers, but these are the ones we found to be durable, good value for money, will not hurt your dog, and are from reputable companies. 

Best dog clippers

Andis Excel 5-Speed Clipper is a heavy duty and a multi speed corded clipper that’s made using the lightest materials thus making it the lightest heavy-use clipper. It's 16 cm in length and although it is not the smallest clipper out there, its light weight compensates for its bold size. The clipper boasts of a comfortable and an ergonomic shape that can be easily held for longer time.

Its wrap-around anti-slip rubber gripper also adds comfort.It boasts of 5 speeds and starts from 2500 strokes per minute going up to 4500 strokes per minute. With such a speed, you are sure to treat your dog to a sharp and a neat cut. It uses number #10 ceramic-edge blades although you can also use other blades from other companies like Wahl and Oster.

It is recommended that one should use ceramic blades since they last longer and they’ll run at a lower heat temperature. Also, it is recommended that you don’t use excessive heat on them since they might not work well.

2. Andis Super AGR Vet Pak- Best Heavy Duty Dog Clipper

Best professional dog clippers

Andis Super AGR Vet Park is mostly used by professionals. This clipper is one of the best dog clippers for its silent shave, powerful, and precise shave. Andis Super AGR Vet Park is ergonomic and it's all thanks to a discreet but useful anti-slippery rubber ring.

This clipper comes with a ceramic edge-blade and it operates at 3800 strokes per minute thus making it perfect for long uses because it’ll still remain cool. You are not restricted to using ceramic blades only. You can also use other universal blades. Comb guides as well as blades are detachable thus making it easier for you to replace and swap them.

This clipper measures 19 cm but it compensates by being cordless. You’ll shave your dog’s whole body without experiencing any problems. A full charge will go for an hour. This clipper can be turned in a corded clipper although you’ll need to buy an Andis cord pack. Andis AGR+ is simply one of the best dog clippers available in all dog clippers options. It's indeed an investment that you’ll have for many years.

3. Wahl Bravura Cordless Kit- Best Cordless Dog Clipper

Best dog clippers

Wahl’s clippers have are the most advanced rechargeable clippers in the market. Its Bravura battery lasts for an hour and a half when charged. The Bravura boasts of a 5 in 1 adjustable snap on blade which is capable of adjusting from 0.7 mm to 3mm.

It also boasts of an intelligent motor that increases its power and blade speed on thicker coats. This delivers a smooth and perfect cut. The blade does not overheat making it the best for intensive use.The clipper comes in different colors. The most common ones being purple, pink and gunmetal.

The clipper is light in weight and is quite which can be attributed to the low vibration technology. It comes with a charging stand, a detachable blade kit, a cleaning brush, snap on attachment on the comb, and clipper oil. This clipper missed on the first position because it is a single speed clip.

4. Wahl Motion Ion Cord/Cordless- Best Single-Speed Dog Clipper

Best Dog Clippers Review

Walh Motion Lithium Ion Cord/Cordless is a versatile clipper that allows one to give their dog a neat and perfect shave. It comes with Wahl’s ‘5 in 1’ pro lade set that has 5 adjustable sizes ranging from #9,#10,#15,#30 and #40.

Wahl motion clipper is one of the best dog clippers because it provides more torque than any of its competitors. The hair on a dog’s back as well as its neck tends to grow thicker. Most clippers will struggle to give a smooth shave but the Wahl Motion clipper gives the dog and the groomer such a good experience.

This clipper is such an eye-catcher because it boasts of a new slim design and the exceptional light weight makes the clipper just amazing. It is quiet with no vibration and the icing on the cake is the powerful 5500 strokes per minute.

The clipper also boasts of a removable scissor grip handle that’s allows you to have the ultimate control and stability one needs with various grip styles.The lithium battery comes with more power, charge cycles and torque. With these three benefits, one is able to shave three dogs in one charge when using it as a cordless clipper.

Wahl Motion clipper is a better version of the bravura clipper but it is also more expensive.

5. Oster A5 2-Speed Clipper- Good Value for Money

Best dog clippers

​Oster A5 2-Speed Professional Clipper is a corded dog clipper that has decent features. It’s powerful and durable as far as the price is concerned. This clipper delivers 3000 strokes per minute when it is on low speed and when on high speed, it delivers 4000 strokes per minute.

As much as Oster has labeled it heavy duty, it is not as effective when one has to shave more than one dog. Oster is a reliable manufacturer but this clipper is only perfect for someone who has one dog that doesn’t need frequent grooming.

6. Wahl U-Clip Home Dog Grooming Kit- Cheap Dog Clipper

Best dog clippers

Wahl U-Clip Pro Home Pet Grooming Kit is an okay dog clipper especially for starters who are not looking for a lot of quality. The Wahl U-clip doesn’t last for long because it has poor adjustable steel blades. This clipper is fast because it offers 7200 strokes per minute meaning it does well with all types of dog furs.

Unfortunately, it is very noisy which means you have to avoid it if you have an easily-scared dog. The upside of this clipper is that it comes with an instructional DVD and a grooming apron.This clipper is not suitable for dogs whose hairs grow at a fast rate because one can’t keep up with the saving.

Not only is the clipper heavy thus getting you tired before you're done but it also does a shoddy job. Like one customer said, they had to resort to using their old clipper because this didn’t do much. Also, the customer ended up clipping the dog’s skin under her (dog’s) arm.

Wrap up

There are a few features that you have to focus on before you decide on one of the best dog clippers. As you choose among the many brands, you should know that Andis, Oster, and Wahl are already ahead of the competition in terms of quality. It is our hope that you have found a favorite dog clipper from our best dog clipper guide for your furry friend. You can use professional dog clippers at home, they are not just for professional grooming. Make sure you apply the recommended oil to keep your dog clipper working properly. 

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